Wholesale Box – Wholesale box consists of 2 x 7.5lbs bags (approx 170 patties/bag). When buying a wholesale box you will receive one box containing approx 340 Afia Foods patties fried or unfried.

One pallet is 80 boxes, which supplies approx 27,000 falafels.


Falafel dough – supplied in a box of 5 x 5lbs bags (total box weight = 25lbs). The dough comes frozen and uncooked – to be formed and cooked (4-5 minutes) on-site to ensure fresh and delicious Falafels.


Shop/Supermarket Stand-up pouch – These consist of 15 patties inside a 256g stand-up pouch of Afia Foods Falafel. If you are a deli, farm shop or small retail outlet, please contact us for quantities. These falafels come in an eye-catching printed stand-up pouch with informative consumer product information.


Is it time to take your recipe to the next level?

With our walk in freezers, refrigeration, encrusting machines, forming machines, large kettles, continuous fryers, mixers and grinders we have all the things you need to produce products efficiently in this time where technology means savings in time and money.


Afia Foods is

Halal Certified • Automated Equipment • Food-service Options • Private label options • USDA licensed for meat and poultry • HACCP trained • Employs a full time SQF certified practitioner •

Flexible pouch packaging options • Reduced labor via automation • Purchasing power for raw ingredients and packaging


  • Pre-Ops logs

  • Operational logs

  • HACCP procedure

  • Swabs & Testing (3M)

  • Deep Cleaning procedure (EcoLab)


  • Goods Inward logs

  • Batch ID / Lot ID assignment

  • Pre-shipment logs

  • Customer Invoice with Batch/Lot ID

  • Retail package Batch ID encoding

California Garden Kibbeh

This Middle Eastern delicacy has been savored across the globe for many generations.  Now you and your family can easily enjoy it at home with our secret family recipe made with all natural ingredients.


Sold frozen, ready to Heat and Eat.

Count: 10 Lebanese Kibbehs

Ingredients: Ground Beef, Burghol (cracked wheat), Onions, Water, Vegetable Oil, Flour, Salt, Black pepper, Nutmeg, Cayenne pepper.




View California Garden Kibbeh here

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