Afia Foods Kibbeh & Falafel now sold at Farmhouse deliveries Austin, Dallas, San Antonio & Houston

We are proud to announce that our Kibbeh and Falafel can now be bought ONLINE at Farmhouse Delivery.

Farmhouse Delivery Mission

To build a strong local food community by connecting our members to the farmers, ranchers and artisans who produce their food.

Farmhouse Delivery partners with local farmers and ranchers to deliver the highest-quality, sustainably produced food to our customers' doors.

We believe that food and community are interdependent. Water one, and the other grows. Feed one, and the other thrives. To feed the next generation of Texans, to ensure a strong food community tomorrow, there's work to be done today. And that's what we're here for.

We passionately support the local food movement, and want to make it convenient, affordable, and exciting for people to eat healthy, fresh, seasonal, local food





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